Scan Agile March 10-11 2015 Helsinki, Finland

Snowballing Agile: how to grow the agile Ecosystem continuously and increase agile adoption momentum.

ScanAgile 2015 - Call for Sessions

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Place and Date: Helsinki, Mar 10th and 11th, 2015

Hello from Agile Finland to all Agilists and improvement junkies out there.

We are kicking off the preparation for the ScanAgile 2015 edition and want to receive your submissions for talks, workshops and interactive sessions.

Deadline for submissions: December 8th, 11:59pm/23:59

ScanAgile 2015 Theme

The conference will take place in Helsinki in March 2015 and will follow the theme Snowballing Agile: how to grow the agile Ecosystem continuously and increase agile adoption momentum.

The conference will feel like a refreshing ski holiday with loads of intense, and sometimes risky ideas that you want to learn about and experiment on your own. And after a heavy day in the slopes, the après-ski will be waiting!

ScanAgile 2015 Tracks

We will have four categories of sessions this year:

  1. Blue slopes: Sessions about getting started with agility and supporting the adoption momentum. These sessions are more about transferring knowledge and answering recurring questions.

  2. Red slopes: “Advanced” sessions that help teams and organizations increase the velocity of agile adoption and break through the fears and obstacles that prevent them from having concrete business benefits from their agile journey.

  3. Black slopes: “Expert” sessions for people who’ve started their agile journey a long time ago and are focusing on increasing their knowledge in the path less travelled, or breaking new paths. Not suitable for all, but the pistes that experienced agilists will want to attend.

  4. Off-piste: Software development is not the only industry that is learning and applying agile. If you work in another industry or in other departments within a software company, please come and share with us how you have applied agile ideas and what you have learned from them. Bring your own moguls!

ScanAgile 2015 topics to get you started

We have selected some topics to get you started defining your session. These are topics we think will fit ScanAgile and the theme for this year:

    1. Software business: We want to hear from you what are the latest and greatest ideas on how to succeed with software businesses. Consider this a mashup of agile and entrepreneurship. We want to explore agile business stories and real life experiences from the trenches; Lean Startup, go-to-market strategies; new and interesting business models for software products and services; product market testing and business idea testing; practices for setting up and running agile businesses; different ways to organize businesses in the knowledge work space.

    2. Agile organizations: We all know that “doing Scrum” in R&D does not make the whole company agile. We want to hear about new and alternative ways of organizing and managing agile companies. This includes incorporating agility into your strategy; stories of companies that are “doing it differently” including Agile HR and Beyond Budgeting; change management for agile adoption; leadership in an agile context; coping with and benefiting from distributed teams, etc.

    3. State of the art in programming practices: This is about software development practices on all levels — the more hands-on and technical, the better! Techniques, processes, technologies that help us improve the way we develop, deliver and maintain software products and services; product design, product management and other important skills for product developers; advanced technical ideas; exploratory testing, experiments on the software to learn about it (testing that can’t or shouldn’t be automated); continuous delivery, pair programming, code reviews, refactoring; you name it!

    4. Coaching: Servant leadership skills useful for CEOs and ScrumMasters alike. We see that this could include mindfulness; neuroscience and related coaching techniques; techniques and resources for facilitation and visual problem solving; coaching techniques; and many more interesting things.

Do you have questions? Get in touch.

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